Voice Mail

A voicemail system provides a central "answering machine" for users of a telephone system. All users have their own mailbox and can divert calls to the voicemail system when they are not available. The voicemail will then play the user's personalised greeting to a caller and allow him to leave a message in their mailbox. Most voicemail systems also provide auto-attendant options for routing callers to departments or extensions and for giving out information to callers. A voicemail/auto-attendant system allows you to handle incoming calls and direct call traffic more effectively, thereby creating a professional image and improving the service you give to your customers.
The Voice Mail’s  Auto Attendant can be programmed so that should a call go unanswered for a pre-set period, the Automated Attendant will answer these calls.  The Automated Attendant would then announce “Thank you for calling Smith & Company all our operators are currently busy, if you know the extension number you require then please dial it now, alternatively please dial 1 to register for our mailing list, 2 the Building Society, 3 for Properties for sale 4 for Rental properties or hold for assistance”.  This message is customer defined and set as per your individual company requirements.

Some system can be set-up to handle multiple companies enabling each of the different departments of Smith & Company, e.g. The Building Society, Finance, Rental properties etc. to have its own unique messages for day and night service on individual service numbers (DDI’s). 

A Voice Mail system will come configured for 2,4,6,8 plus ports being able to answer up to 2,4,6,8 calls at any one time.

What are the benefits of voicemail?

  • Customers can leave precise messages, no more unreadable paper messages
  • Reception is no longer spending most of the time writing messages
  • Messages can be accessed remotely 24 hours a day
  • An automated attendant can answer calls during busy periods, playing a welcome greeting

Voicemail is normally an optional feature (except on some PC based telephone systems), and normally comes in the form of either a basic voicemail card, or a more sophisticated dedicated PC based voicemail.

For the total communications messaging service, unified messaging brings fax, voicemail and email together in one place.

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