1. Data Connection & ADSL

2. ADSL Quick Guide
3. ISDN services & benefits
4. Voice over IP explained
5. What is ADSL?

Data Connection & ADSL

ADSL is a service that gives you potentially high speed Internet access, by providing a fixed line to the internet.  You share the line with other companies, if no one else is using it, you get the full line, if not, you get a percentage of the line, referred to as the “contention rate” (business rate is approximately 20:1). With ADSL, you pay one fixed monthly fee regardless of how often you use it.  ADSL is supplied on a PSTN (analogue) line which can be used for voice or Fax calls at the same time. 
For VoIP solutions (link to VoIP Page) you will require a dedicated 1 or 2 Mb at both premises with Fixed IP addresses

ADSL Example
Up-Loading Information is half the speed of downloading from the Internet


Getting started with ADSL

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