CTI Screen Dialing / Screen Popping.

Computer Telephony Integration allows a connection to your computer network by using the European standard ‘TAPI’.

How is the telephone connected to my computer?

1st party (TAPI) connections is a cable connected directly from a telephone handset to a communication’s port in the back of your computer.

3rd Party connections have a direct cable connection from your telephone system to your server.

Below is a typical screen in Microsoft Outlook, this information can be displayed automatically if the caller number is recognised.  Also by clicking the dial icon, your telephone will automatically make a call to that contact.  Most modern windows contact management databases can be programmed to do this.

How can this help our company?

Productivity, on average, it takes 1 minute to find a telephone number and dial manually. At twenty calls a day per person in a 20 staff company, based on national average wage, £6,000 productivity is lost every year! As an added benefit you will have incoming call automatically open your customer account or file.

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