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Managing an effective Call Contact centre has its challenges. If you are currently operate, or are about to start a call centre you may have the following questions:-

  • How do I keep customers happy to wait in the queue?
  • How can I reduce abandonment rates and lost business?
  • How can I reduce the number of callers in the queue?
  • How can I ensure that priority callers are dealt with by specific agents?
  • How do I maximise the productivity of my agents?
  • How do I account for the peaks and troughs we have in our calls?
  • How do I monitor the outcome of each call?
  • How do we ensure that agents are dealing with email enquiries?
  • How can I integrate increased business from my web site into my call centre?


A true call Centre has all the answers.
CSP can advise you on the best products and best practice along with training and programming to enable you to get maximum benefits:

  • A series of announcements reassure callers and advise them of their position-in-queue, significantly reducing abandonment rates.
  • Managers have the ability to control incoming call routing by scheduling call patterns depending on the time of day and day of week.
  • At busy times, callback messages can hold their position in a queue and be delivered to an agent as if the caller was still on the line.
  • By utilising Caller Line Identification (CLI) key customers can automatically be placed into priority queues or directed to specific agents.
  • "Skills based" routing profiles ensure that the most appropriate agents deal with specific calls, thereby improving customer service.
  • Sophisticated handling of calls means that more incoming calls can be answered by fewer agents, thus minimising operating costs
  • Outbound dialling packages increase productivity as calls with customer details are presented as soon as the agent becomes free.
  • Reports can be interrogated both historically and real-time e.g.. missed calls, average hourly calls, closing rate, agent performance etc.
  • Some call centre applications allow additional modules to be added, such as Email Queuing and Web Call back Outbound dialling.


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